Monday, April 22, 2013

Current Faves // 4-22-13

1. Crossfit. I’m so hooked. And now I’m one of those annoying people who won’t shut up about Crossfit. Yeah. It’s unfortunate to me that I’m sooo obsessed with this during my Yoga Teacher Training when I should be obsessing about yoga, but what can ya do?

2. Graston Technique. I started PT on my knee that has been nagging me forever, and was getting worse with all the yoga and Crossfit I’m doing. Well, this somewhat painful treatment seems to be finally chipping away at the constant weirdness/crunchiness I’ve had in my knee for the past 5 years. Last night I let my PT Graston my rhomboids and boy, I’m dying - how dorky did that sound?

3. MWF Seeking BFF. I don’t know about you but I’m of the age where good girl friends seem to be few and far between and now it’s more important than ever to make an effort to foster my friendships. This book has been right up my alley and is a great motivator to help me try just a little harder to forge connections.

4. Chicken. After 3+ years as a vegetarian/pescetarian, I’m giving up the label. I’ll probably still mostly eat like I was before. I’ve been having a ton of stomach issues since I started Yoga Teacher Training and I changed my diet because of all the weight lifting I was doing (I was craving meat constantly) to include more protein in the form of eggs, greek yougurt, cottage cheese, etc. I’m not sure if it’s stress, or too much dairy, or too much activity, or something else altogether but chicken seems to agree with my stomach and cravings. I cooked an old fave recipe over the weekend and nothing has tasted better in a long time - strange cause I never really liked chicken that much before.

5. Fun patterned work tops. Like this leopard one from F21. I bought a bunch of them and they have refreshed my work wardrobe – just tuck into a pencil skirt with a cami under and it’s an easy fun but work appropriate outfit. This shirt got a ton of compliments.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Best of the Internet // Tuesday Link Roundup // 3.19.13

* The secret to connecting with people. I think about this every single time I talk to a person now - it's SO TRUE. Everyone just wants to feel understood.

* I feel this way sometimes. Ok, more than sometimes and I think a lot of us do. On a related note, we've been talking a ton about vulnerability at my yoga teacher training, so it's with that spirit that I'm throwing this one out there.

* I've been doing a good amount of spiritual contemplating recently. I definitely fall on the non-religious side of the spectrum, but I do think that there is something special that unites everything (yeah, I'm a hippie sometimes). I'm really interested to read this book which is a re-interpretation of the Bible from an atheist perspective. Supposedly it is very philosophical and I'm excited to read about ideas I haven't felt like thinking about in oh, like 10 years.

* I'm kinda on a live your dreams/job quitting/why you're desk job sucks kick so I guess I've sorta been seeking out articles on the topic? This one was pretty eye opening and this one just tells ya why sitting in a desk chair all day is baaaaaad.

And this one, well you should all read this one. It's about taking the road less traveled. Stepping off the beaten path of being a doctor, or lawyer, or whatever track it is and risking it all. YES.

* I spent a whole morning reading through these celeb's morning routines via Bon Appetit (what they eat, if they meditate or work out or whatever) - super interesting! I'm pretty much interested in anyone's routines though.

* I've been reading a few places just how great ghee is (it's also one of the fats most suggested to cook with at higher temps) so I threw together a batch and it's pretty good - easy too! You should try it out!

* I'm kinda a tea-aholic these days so I'm always loving new suggestions - hey, a box of an untried tea is a risk! Caiti has a great guide on her faves.

* I loved this little ditty about getting a fake internet girlfriend.

* Typographically representing scientists... pretty cool.

* Funny responses to extremely annoying/bullshitty interview questions. I once heard one that went something like how many golf balls could fit in the Mississippi river... ugh.

* These news story captions are the best everrrrrr. Everyone in my office loved this one.

* A good tutorial on how to meet people, regardless of if they are the hottest people in the room, but I suppose it works on them too.

* My friend introduced me to the concept of oil pulling a few weeks ago - I've tried it a few times and I would say it takes the acidity out of my mouth, but beyond that I'm not sure of the benefits - but it's interesting to read about!

* This one goes to all the complainers out there (myself sometimes included) - 15 signs you need to make a serious change (hint: you've been complaining about the same things for over a year...) so, yeah.

* I swear I'm not really a celebrity person (2nd link post in a row linking celeb focused interviews), but I do have a thing for Lindsay Lohan and Lena Dunham (opposites much?). The one about Lindsay kinda gives a real perspective of what happens when shes cast in a movie nowadays - I know people like to hate on her but maybe something with the name sharing makes me feel for her? And Lena is just awesome, and this interview with Miranda July proves it.

* I'm sorta obsessed with all things yoga nowadays - and I've made 20 new best friends at my training, seriously - but that aside, I do feel like yoga studios are pretty lonely places with not much interaction - which sucks! This article is pretty spot on. I dream of one day uniting yogis kinda the way yoga teacher training has or at the least the way Crossfit brings people together.

As always, more links over on my Delicious page.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Something Good // Desktop Background Download

"Something good will come of all things yet." - Jack Kerouac

Right click here and save as to download - the size is 1600 x 1066.

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