Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Local Flavor: Monoprix!

Finally! The long awaited post on the lovely French grocery store: Monoprix!


I talked about this a little before, but I believe Monoprix is more of a specialty grocery store compared to many others in France like Franprix or Casino. Also in France (and a lot of Europe), there are markets everyday or weekly for fresh produce and fish, as well as other specialty items to the region. And of course, there are the specialty bakeries, pastry shops, cheese stores, and meat stores.

Monoprix is great though because it is all these things in one place!

When I am in a new country, it is always fun to browse the local grocery store for interesting food items. Monoprix was no different! However, I ended up shopping at Monoprix almost everyday so I have been getting used to it!

The first thing that I fell in love with about Monoprix was the many different cheese sections:



Gourmet cheeses supervised and cut by an attendent.


The next step down - good cheeses but already pre-cut. This is where I bought the bulk of my cheeses.


Of course, then there's the fresh mozzarella section complete with tomatoes and rose wine.


Next is the two end-caps of primarily goat cheeses - one of them is brand names while the other is Monoprix brand.


Finally on one long aisle we have the bries along with the pre-packaged brands.

Phew! That's a lot of cheese!

The section rivaling the cheeses would be the wines.


They are almost all French, with a gigantic rose section in the front. Really reasonable prices; almost all under 10 euros a bottle, and every single one I had has been delicious!


There's also all the typical grocery store stuff: produce, packaged goods, canned goods, frozen, bakery, etc - but I thought I would show some of the weirder things...

Like the (insert adjective here) meat section!




So. Yeah. About those. I haven't actually looked at them that hard because they make me a little nauseous. I will let you decide for yourself what they are.

And then, we have the unrefrigerated milk section. (This picture doesn't do it justice - it was hard to show it all. This is only about a third of it.)


And finally, we will end with one of my favorite products:


Nutella! French peanut butter? Except more like dessert? I don't know, but they sure don't have peanut butter here. That's one thing I'm really missing!!

I hope you enjoyed my quick tour of Monoprix!! I apologize for the photo quality - I wish these pictures were better but it is really quite embarrassing to be snapping photos in the grocery when there are a lot of people just trying to get there stuff and get out.

As always, more pictures over on Flickr!

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A handful of photos in this post are no longer working. Did you edit them, or change their privacy level since you included them on this page?

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