Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Intentions

Well, it seems November is already starting out very well as I am soon to join the ranks of the employed!

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Before this delightful news, I was contemplating how I was going to make my goals for November. I came up with scenarios such as making categories for if I get a job and if I don't... but looks like that is no longer an issue!

Some intentions for the month of November:


Work up a sweat daily - this includes me prepping to start running again (and skiing!) by doing lots of lunges, squats, warrior poses, chair poses, and walking! I did awesome with my yoga challenge in September and felt amazing - but then I kinda let it all slip in October with traveling, colder weather, and shorter days. I feel so much better when I am active but I really let things go and then my momentum went kaput. I would really like to bring this back and maybe even start saving up for a treadmill.

Time Usage & Media Consumption:

In October I seemed to fritter away a lot of my time watching tv and playing on the internet. This month I want to be much more mindful of the media I consume and how I am using my time. I found this great article from Zen Habits about simplifying your life and being particular with how you spend your time is one of the key components.

Spreading My Roots:

I have been having this feeling very recently that I have been living my life with one foot out the door, not 100% committed to anything. It's a really weird feeling and I want to work on this. I would like to fix up some things in the house that have always bothered me but seemed like too much effort. I would like to branch out and try and make some friends of my own here in Pittsburgh. I want to explore some new hobbies and maybe take some classes locally. I want to improve upon my existing relationships and try and work out the kinks they may have. I would really like to throw a few dinner parties and maybe even a Thanksgiving get-together!

Get Into A Routine:

One of the things I have missed the most about having a job is the routine-ness that comes with it - I am looking forward to creating some solid morning and evening routines that help me get things done, like working out, meal prepping, walking, journaling, and all the things that seem to get lost in the shuffle.

What about you? Anything you would like to work on in November?

{And also, thank you to Caiti for the post that inspired me to write this today!}


iris said...

'Looks like you have quite the list of to-do's! I don't set monthly goals, I'm a little too short sighted, 'just trying to get through the month, day-by-day.
I wonder if maybe you could do yoga at home? It puts a little less of a barrier to it. Although, it's not nearly as nice of a work out.

Rose said...

I love this. I meant to say last night that the Zen list looked great. I know what you mean about routine - it's so helpful! Even though my new job gives me less free time, I swear I get more done?

Frankie said...

Congratulations on the new job Elle!

You put into words exactly how I've been feeling and couldn't describe it before- "Living life with one foot out the door." It is not a good way to live!

I also relate to your media consumption goal. I too really need to be choosier when it comes to media consumption, and screen time in general. I feel like I stare at my computer all day at work and then go home and stare at my other computer there. This month I hope to do less screening and more doing. I guess November should be Do-vember instead.

Caitlin Santa Maria said...

Congrats again on the new job! Sounds like some really great goals for the month. I totally know what you mean about routine-- it's something I really want to focus on myself. Thanks for the mention! :) 

Caitidid Designs said...

Congrats again on the new job! Sounds like some really great goals for the month. I totally know what you mean about routine-- it's something I really want to focus on myself. Thanks for the mention! :)  

Elle said...

Thanks! :) And you are most welcome for the mention!

Elle said...

Thank you so much! Yeah, one foot out the door isn't good - I want to commit to being where I am and living the life I am living - it's hard though! Love Do-vember, haha, I feel the same!

Elle said...

Yeah, totally true. I got a lot more done everyday when I had a job than when I am unemployed. It's crazy!

Elle said...

I'm usually a day-by-day girl too, but I've found it helps to re-evaluate things on a regular basis to keep myself on the track I want to be on.

I do yoga at home from time to time, although, you are right, it's a lot different from a hot yoga class at a studio! :)

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