Thursday, January 5, 2012

Project: Food Budget // Month 3

This is my review of my December food budgeting and goals for January! For more information on this project, please take a look at Emily's Custom Made Blog!

If you remember November was out of control coming in at $719 and so eased up a little on my goal for December, putting it at $550.

For December, I came in at $635.18, not too shabby if I do say so myself! Considering it includes a birthday dinner (at Morton's no less) that I thought maybe I would take out since it technically was kinda a gift... and also a dinner I paid for when my family was in town. They did pay for quite a few of my dinners out though - and there were also a lot of family dinners attended with lots of leftovers!

I somehow did a dinner party in there and also made a double batch of crockpot mac and cheese for a work potluck that everyone RAVED about - which maybe me feel good, even though it was just this recipe tweaked a bit.

I also must mention I was gifted 2 cases of Christmas wine (that I gave a lot of as gifts) and I also had a Christmas party where people brought tons of extra drinks - so I think that helped a lot in my booze spending area.

I think I did better this month because I was eating so much rich food going out and to parties that I ate very little otherwise - and it was mostly vegetables or soups because I was just so full!!

For January, I am really planning on buckling down and eating at home more, although we will see how that goes! I am also trying to keep up the monthly dinner party and hopefully this month I can attend the Kaya Prix Fixe Vegetarian dinner again! I am setting my budget for this month at $500.

Wanna see how everyone else in the project did this week?

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iris said...

Just how does one go about getting TWO cases of wine as a present?! lol

Also, Kaya = amazingly delicious. I'm with you on that one!

debbie T said...

Good luck on January's budget! I'm betting now that the holiday madness is over, you will do fine!!!

Elle said...

Haha very nice parents and wine that is not available in Pittsburgh!

Love that kaya vegetarian dinner but they also have pretty amazing veggie burgers too... And the tofu tacos... :)

Elle said...

Thanks!! I hope so too but now I have some bad habits to break ;)

Emily Levenson said...

Way to go! Holiday months are tough. They tend to see a lot more spending than usual. I have faith that you will have a successful month. :)

Anonymous said...

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